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Hands grasping sunAbout Us

Voted 2017 Best Practice in Hillsboro, OR, The Chiropractor has been proudly serving families, including patients both young and old, for several years. Our practice is committed to helping our community achieve and manage healthy lifestyles – ultimately, promoting fuller, happier lives!

A Holistic Approach

We are a corrective, vitalistic chiropractic clinic. By that, we mean that our goal is to first, relieve pain and discomfort, followed by appropriate maintenance to bring people closer to as healthy and whole as possible. In our ideal world, all people would be under chiropractic care and feeling the benefits of natural therapy. While this is simply not possible, we strive to help each patient return to their personal normal through quality adjustments and increased knowledge.

Practice Community

The Chiropractor is home to men, women, and children of all ages and chiropractic backgrounds. Our variety of adjustment techniques allow us to tailor each adjustment to the needs of the individual. No patient is too fragile or too far gone.

Whether you are experiencing chronic pain or mild discomfort, you have come to the right place. From infants to elderly adults – we are here for everyone!

Know Your Worth

Our practice not only wants to help you feel better and gain the insight to make healthy choices, but we want to see you realize your full potential throughout the process. Your body is capable of self-healing, and you do not have to live in pain. Let us show you the difference compassionate chiropractic care can make.

With one life to live, why wait to live it well?

Contact our practice for more information regarding what we have to offer you. Trust us, you are worth it.

About The Chiropractor