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Auto Accident Care in Bend

Have you recently been in a crash that left you feeling less than yourself?

Man holding neck after car accidentThe Chiropractor has the knowledge and expertise to help. While car accidents vary greatly in severity, injury can result from any amount of unforeseen force. Protect your body and allow it to heal correctly with Dr. Rueben by your side!

Masked Injury

Contrary to popular belief, auto accident injuries do not always present themselves through excruciating pain. More often than not, such injuries are hidden and encourage symptoms that are easy to minimize, including lack of energy, difficulty focusing, irritability, and poor sleep. Do not ignore the presence of any of the aforementioned symptoms. If you sense a change in the way you feel, regardless of intensity, you may be suffering from a masked injury.

Injuries of any size can become much more serious if left alone. Although it can be tempting to ignore personal injuries when your vehicle has undergone little to no damage, research shows that even the slightest impact can produce considerably more damage than you might expect from a dented fender or broken tail light.

Do not wait to seek care – acting now could make a world of difference both now and in the future.

The Medical Solution

A traditional visit to the emergency room is unlikely to detect all of your injuries. Although this is a common starting point, clean bills of health are often given to those without broken bones. The reality of the situation is that soft tissue injuries can be equally as detrimental to your health as a broken arm or leg.

Dr. Rueben understands the depths of your body as well as the spinal biomechanics and rehabilitation strategies needed to help you heal correctly and completely.

We Are Here for You

Our goal is to make your healing process as simple and efficient as possible. In network with auto insurance companies, we have the ability to make your life easier. Are you ready to feel better?

Contact The Chiropractor for more information about what have to offer you.

Auto Accident Chiropractor Bend